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Double Blind
Signal Out

1. Scaffold (11:35)
2. Groundless (10:50)
3. Compressed Insert (4:39)
4. Reef (7:55

Download all four tracks as a ZIP file.

Participants: Glenn Bach, Dale Kaminski, Michael Raco-Rands, Marco Schindelmann, and Kris Tiner.
ixed by Glenn Bach, Milwaukee, WI; Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA; 2009-2013.


On Thursday, September 18, 2008, Double Blind performed a live interpretation of Wounded Speaker. Divided into two sets of smaller groupings of the ensemble, plus a third set by the entire group, the improvised performance of Wounded Speaker took on new life and directions possible only within the context of a live, improvised performance.

Unfortunately, the Sony ECM-MS907 condenser microphone malfunctioned during the recording of the first two sets, resulting in an audio file marred by a consistent "on-off-on-off" stutter (with dropouts apparent in the final moments of the third set, as well).

As it turns out, Joseph Richard Negro videotaped the concert as part of his live video manipulations, and he provided an audio documentation of the first two sets as captured by the camera's built-in microphone.

In the spirit of Wounded Speaker, Double Blind revisited the "failed" recordings in an attempt to recuperate the inherent promise of the original performances.

Mix Map

00:00-00:38: MLuM Snip 1
00:00-03:13: GB_synth_02
00:00-04:40: kaminski_02
00:00-06:00: kaminski_06
00:00-07:01: kaminski_04
00:26-02:59: kaminski_01
01:34-01:47: MLuM Snip 2
02:35-03:08: MLuM Snip 3 (Bach edit)
03:00-04:13: GB_synth_01_version
03:51-10:35: kaminski_07
04:00-09:14: bach_kaminski_edit
04:04-04:21: MLuM Snip 4
04:07-11:28: kaminski_08
04:13-05:21: GB_synth_01_version_02
05:04-05:22: MLuM Snip 5
06:09-06:41: MLuM Snip 6
07:00-07:25: MLuM Snip 7
08:19-08:32: MLuM Snip 8
08:39-09:34: Bach_mlum_edit
09:45-10:09: MLuM Snip 9
10:56-11:35: MLuM Snip 10

00:00-04:00: bach_SO_gtr_synth_01
00:43-04:33: tiner_01
03:02-04:08: WS_compress_01
03:33-04:27: WS_compress_02
03:33-05:39: tiner_02
03:48-06:17: WS_compress_03_combo
04:46-06:56: SO_livedrone_intro
06:12-06:56: SO_date_static
06:12-07:39: tiner_03
07:10-07:39: SO_reef
07:27-08:16: SO_reef_02
07:14-09:12: tiner_04
08:45-09:34: tiner_06
08:45-10:50: tiner_06_extended

Compressed Insert
00:00-02:01: SO_compress_01
01:57-02:13: signal_insert
02:04-02:43: signal_insert_02
02:29-04:39: SO_compress_02
02:57-04:15: signal_oscil

00:00-02:27: GB_synth_01
00:00-03:31: soundwalk feedback 07 and 08
00:00-03:08: SO_musical_interlude
02:00-03:40: tiner_07
02:00-05:30: tiner_08
02:18-04:40: soundwalk_feedback_02b_low
03:55-04:59: soundwalk_feedback_edit
04:37-07:50: soundwalk_feedback_edit_02
05:04-07:55: bach_tiner_edit


Directed by Glenn Bach, Double Blind is an improvising ensemble dedicated to remix-based projects and alternative soundtracks. The ensemble features a fluctuating roster of members, often separated by significant geographical distance. Their first project,Wounded Speaker, inspired the formation of MPRNTBL and was the first official release. Another project, At the Edge of this Forest, features a live recording of alternative soundtracks inspired by the short films of the Brothers Quay.

MPRN-014 release date: March 2014.