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Milwaukee Phonography
Live at UWM

1. Live at UWM (30:28)

Recorded live at Fine Arts Cinema, MIT-B18, Film Department, UWM, Milwaukee, WI, November 19, 2008.

: Glenn Bach, Seth Warren-Crow, and Aaron Ximm.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and active in 2008, Milwaukee Phonography used mostly unaltered field recordings in live, improvised performances. Inspired by the pioneering work of the Seattle Phonographers Union, ensemble participants established an intimate environment of attentive listening and increased awareness of the nuances of our various soundscapes.

Ensemble Participants: Glenn Bach, Christopher Delaurenti, Dale Kaminski, John Kannenberg, Seth Warren-Crow, Aaron Ximm.

MPRN-010 original release date: April 2010.