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Intense Situations of Peril
Flor de Muerto

1. Marigold (13:29)
2. Hollow (5:36)
3. Medicine (7:51)
4. Cross (13:45)

Intense Situations of Peril returns with a new project, Flor de Muerto, inspired by Day of the Dead ("flor de muerto" refers to the marigolds used in traditional Día de los Muertos celebrations). Initiated as a recuperative response to a January 2009 live performance* of their project Torreyana, participants sampled foley and sound effects from Alejandro González Iñárritu's Babel, as well as field recordings from the Old Town and Ocean Beach neighborhoods of San Diego, California.

Tracks 1-3 arranged and mixed by Glenn Bach, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 2009.

Track 4 improvised and recorded live by Glenn Bach, Kenilworth Square East, Milwaukee, WI, 30 March 2009.

Participants: Glenn Bach, Joseph Richard Negro, Michael Raco-Rands, and Marco Schindelmann.

*Torreyana live performance participants: Glenn Bach, shea M gauer, Lewis Keller, Jorge Martin, Joseph Richard Negro, scott A peterson, Michael Raco-Rands, Marco Schindelmann, and Noah Thomas; 3rd Thursday, {open}, 15 January 2009.

Mix Map

00:00-01:36. Bach, mlum_pipemic.
00:00-05:20. Negro, muertoOne.
03:25-06:14. Bach, circus_theremin.
04:44-06:38. Negro, muertoFive (part 1).
04:54-08:28. Bach, jrn_muertoFive_remix.
07:39-09:25. Bach, babel_droneblip_1.
08:46-10:17. Bach, babel_droneblip_2.
08:46-11:12. Bach, mlum_muerto_barreldrone.
08:49-13:29. Negro, muertoFive (part 2).

00:00-01:28. MLuM: ISOP_MLuM_Mix (part 1).
00:00-02:32. Bach, babel_car_search.
00:57-02:26. MLuM: ISOP_MLuM_Mix (part 2).
02:07-03:10. MLuM: ISOP_MLuM_Mix (part 3).
01:59-04:29. Bach, mlum_muerto_remix_01.
03:24-05:36. Bach, mlum_muerto_remix_02.

00:00-03:55. Bach, sd_ocean_beach.
01:59-04:57. Negro, muerto_SixC.
04:15-06:21. Bach, chime_shop.
05:37-08:05. Bach, chime_gong.

Intense Situations of Peril is an improvising ensemble of electronic/laptop musicians who perform new, hybridized soundtracks to the cities in which they perform. Source material sampled from the audio track of a mainstream motion picture filmed in a particular city is collaged with raw audiovisual data collected on location. With a fluctuating roster of touring and local musicians and video artists, the ensemble samples and manipulates the City itself, improvising a completely unrehearsed image stream and soundscape, a one-of-a-kind audiovisual remix of place.

Ensemble Participants

Glenn Bach (Long Beach, CA)
Helga Fassonaki (Los Angeles, CA)
Marcos Fernandes (Yokohama, Japan)
shea M gauer (Long Beach, CA)
John Kannenberg (Chicago, IL)
Lewis Keller (Los Angeles, CA)
Jorge Martin (Long Beach, CA)
Robert Montoya (San Diego, CA)
Joseph Richard Negro (Long Beach, CA)
scott A peterson (Long Beach, CA)
Michael Raco-Rands (Long Beach, CA)
Marco Schindelmann (Long Beach, CA)
Noah Thomas (Long Beach, CA)
other participants TBA


MPRN-009 original release date: October 2009.