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Lisle Ellis and Marcos Fernandes
Live at Quiet

1. Live at Quiet (26:45)

Recorded live at Quiet, Long Beach, CA, 10 May 2003.

Lisle Ellis and Marcos Fernandes have collaborated on numerous projects on stage and in the studio over the past decade. mrlectronic merged experimental electronica and improvisation to create pulsebeat soundscapes rich in timbre and texture. The trio (with Robert Montoya) performed at Spring Reverb (San Diego/Tijuana), CPEACH (Eureka), Edgetone Summit (San Francisco), Line Space Line (LA) and NWEAMO (SD). Recordings include We Are with Emily Hay, Ellen Weller's Spirits, Little Dreams and Improvisations, Trummerflora's Rubble 1 and 2 as well as Fernandes' Hybrid Vigor.

Active from April to September 2003, the house concert series Quiet featured lowercase, minimal, and otherwise low-impact sound and music. Composers and musicians included Glenn Bach, Jeremy Drake, Lisle Ellis, Marcos Fernandes, j.frede, Vinny Golia Quartet, Haco, Chris Heenan, Steuart Liebig, David Nadal, Matt Pogue, Jeffrey Roden, Steve Roden, Josh Russell, g.e. stinson, and Aaron Ximm.

MPRN-006 original release date: July 2009.