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Aaron Ximm
Live at so.cal.sonic

Live at so.cal.sonic (25:16)

Recorded live at so.cal.sonic, Long Beach, CA, 24 April 2005.

"Aaron Ximm (Quiet American) is a sound-collection artist, gracefully sculpting one pristine, untreated field recording into another through an immaculately clear sound system. The result is far more striking than the description indicates, as everyday sounds—the dripping of water, the hum of machinery, the strike and ring of a bell, the pops of a burning log—become recontextualized and demand to be reconsidered as the sounds themselves and not the sources from which they emanate. The outdoor location for his piece was perfect, as the interaction of other everyday sounds—a breeze, the scrape of leaves against pavement, the Dopplering of an airplane overhead—seemed choreographed to those broadcast by the speakers, for a moment pure sonic entities and no longer wind, flora, transportation. A protracted, steadily wavering pure tone went from being unusual and in the foreground to something backgrounded, familiar, completely standardized, eventually coming to lend the commonplace sounds of the outdoors (shouts from afar, a truck engine, that wind again) a salience they don't usually hold for us, bringing them centerstage in our hearing. This festival could not have had a more perfect closing."

--Greggory Moore


MPRN-005 original release date: June 2009.